Acquire active users on the first gamified launcher

Think about your go-to launcher. Now imagine it's more interactive and less crowded. That's Fractal.

How we gamify discovery

Spike DAU with automated tournaments, challenges, and events that reward players. Here’s how:

👀 Discover

Players see your game’s event trending on the front page of Fractal.

🎮 Engage

They play your tournament, challenge, or game night (and love it).

🏆 Reward

In exchange, they win Fractal Points, which they can cash out for IRL prizes. Ahem, PS5.

😍 Retain

Players get hooked and come back to do it all over again.

Choose your event

Run one or run them all. The more events you put on Fractal, the higher your DAU.

🏆 Tournaments

Set up a leaderboard and watch players pour into your game, fighting to rank 1st place.

🎯 Challenges

Motivate users to complete in-game actions - like 'play for 2 hours' or 'kill 100 zombies'.

🌙 Game nights

Play with hundreds of gamers at once - guaranteed matchmaking and great for play testing.

🧙 Crafting

Create unique items for players to collect - and recipes for them to complete.

Game developer first and focused

Your time is precious. Get started quickly. 

One-time API

Put aside 2 to 6 hours to integrate our event API, which sends your gameplay data to Fractal. Or integrate our SDKs for Unity, Unreal and React.

Automated uploads

Have a desktop game? Automate new build uploads with our CLI tool, so you save time on each update. For browser and mobile, simply add a link.

At your service

Helping you grow is our number one priority. Get 1:1 developer support whenever you need.

Keep your money

Fractal doesn’t charge a per game fee or take a share of your revenue. Instead, we want you to reinvest the money you earn.

“Each tournament generates about a 50% increase in DAU and a 35% increase in in-app purchases. Bottom line — distributing our game through Fractal and running tournaments together tangibly increased our user base and revenue.”

Cloud Hui
Chief Product Officer at Kingdomverse

How to get started

Create your game profile page
Submit your game to Fractal and fill out your game details in 5 minutes or less. We’ll review it and get your page up and running within 48 hours.
Submit your game>
Add an exe file, browser link, or app store link
Once we approve your game page, you can add your game build to start driving real traffic (yay).
Integrate Fractal APIs 
To get ready for the fun part, you’ll need to integrate a quick, one-time API (or our SDKs for Unity or Unreal). You should be done within a few hours. 
See our dev docs >
Run an event (again and again)
Together, we’ll design tournaments, challenges, and other events to get players in your game and coming back. Guaranteed fun times and active players.

Get to know us a bit

Founded by Justin Kan (co-founder of Twitch), Robin Chan (former Zynga executive), and Dan Borstelmann (star engineer at YouTube), building great game experiences and successful companies is in our DNA. 

Fractal is building the ultimate digital arcade - where players can discover the best new games, play them instantly, earn rewards and cash them out for prizes, participate in community events, and more. 
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