Inventory Management
Create Items

Create Items

Inventory management allows you to create NFT templates that can be sold to your users.

To create an item, you first need to create a collection.

This does not create anything on-chain. It stores a template in our database that is referenced whenever a user wants to mint one of your items on the blockchain. You can create as many collections and items as needed for your game!

Creating Items

Go to F Studio (opens in a new tab)

If you are just getting started with Fractal, check out our Getting Started guide.

Fractal Studio

Navigate to your game -> Inventory

Once you have selected your game, you can navigate to the Inventory tab.

Click on Items to create a new NFT you can sell to your users.

Fractal Studio

Create a Collection or Select an Existing One

If you are creating a new collection, fill out the required fields, select chain, and click Create Collection.

Fractal Studio

If you already have a collection, you can select it from the menu.

Create an Item

After you have selected a collection, you can create a new item.

Fractal Studio

Click on Add Items

Fill out the form, and upload a square image for your item. Each new item needs to be associated with a collection.

If you don't have a collection, you can create one.

Fractal Studio

Review Your New Item

After you have created your item, you can review it and make any changes you need to.

Fractal Studio


You have now created a new item! Congratulations!

Fractal Studio

Now its time to Create a Storefront in your game!