Upload Your Game

Upload Your Game to Fractal Desktop Launcher

Fractal Launcher allows for self-serve uploads of game binaries for Windows and Mac.

Once binaries have been uploaded, we handle distrbution, CDN caching, and updates for your global playerbase.

Upload Build Walkthrough

Upload Build Instructions

Go to FStudio (opens in a new tab)

If you don't have an account, you can create one for free.

Please follow the instructions in the Getting Started section.

Create a Game

Go to your game

Create a Game

Click on "Launcher" and then "Builds"

This view will show you all the builds you have uploaded to the Launcher.

If you want to roll back to a previous version, or upload a new one you can do so from this view.

Create a Game

Click on "Add New"

This will open a new window where you can upload your game build.

Add game version name, and upload ".zip" file of your game build.

Create a Game

Wait for the build to finish uploading before continuing. Do not close or switch Tabs to avoid interrupting the upload.


Create a Game

Select game platform and executable from dropdown

After your game .zip file has finished uploading, you will be able to select the game platform and executable from the dropdown menu.

  • Windows If you upload a .exe file, it will default to Windows, Select the one that corresponds to the main game executable file. This is the one that will be used to launch your game from the Launcher.

  • Mac If you upload a .app file, it will default to Mac, select the right .app file from the dropdown menu. Then select the inner mac executable. (Usually within .app/Contents/MacOS/<YourGameName>)

Create a Game

After you have selected the game platform and executable, click on "Deploy", select a platform (if applicable, for a universal build), and schedule a build.


If this deploy is an update on an existing supported platform, then the build will be "pending" for a few minutes (depending on the size of your game) while Fractal's servers generate patch files. During this time, you will not be able to edit the pending build or deploy other builds to the same platform.


Congratulations! Your game is now ready to be installed through Fractal Launcher.

Create a Game