Getting Started

Getting Started

To get started with Fractal APIs and SDKs, you will need a set of API keys. You can pull these from the Developer Portal (opens in a new tab) .

If your project already has a page in Fractal (opens in a new tab), reach out to to get access to your game studio.

Get Your API Keys

Create an account at Fractal Studio (opens in a new tab)

Fractal Studio

Create a Game inside your account

Create a Game

Go to Integrations

Generate API Keys

Click Generate API Keys

Client and Server Authentication

There are two access patterns for Fractal APIs: queries on behalf of a project and queries on behalf of a user.

  • Project based queries from a server, you need a client secret as well as a client id, which can be exchanged for a project API token.
  • User based queries that can happen from clients (browsers, game clients, etc.) you can exchange the client id and user id for a user access token.

Both project API tokens and user access tokens expire after 20 hours.

For example, creating an authentication session only requires a client id since user access tokens are read-only scoped and don't return sensitive data. Also, this workflow is more convenient, especially if games do not have large server-side setups. On the other hand, actions such as reporting scores to our leaderboards requires a client secret (you do not want users posting their own scores!).

Project scoping

Project API tokens and user access tokens are scoped to a project on Fractal. A project contains your NFT collections and metadata for your marketplace page on our website. In the future, if you have more than one game in your portfolio we will allow you to manage multiple projects from one account.

Platforms and SDKs

All of Fractal's APIs are built to support any platform your game is being built on. Therefore, you can use tools like our wallet on the web, Unity, Unreal, or even in mobile apps.

Our job is to make your life easier as a game developer, so we've built SDKs to make setting up Fractal in your game as simple as possible.

Contact Us

Questions or feedback? Please email or reach out via the #eng-ama channel in our Discord.