Tournament Guidelines

Fractal Tournament Integration Guidelines


If integration does not meet one of these two integration flows, the integration will be rejected.

Fractal does its best to guarantee an easy and seamless experience for its players. We want all Fractal tournament participants to walk away with a fun experience.

When integrations have not adhered to these guidelines, they tend to be error prone, and lose a lot of potential participants and result in high number of complaints.

Primary: Add Fractal Sign-in as a primary login option

This integration flow results in the highest amount of happy players, that leads to more participants in your tournament.

Here you add Fractal Sign-in to your games homescreen, or primary login screen as a login option.


  • Add Fractal Login to the game login screen.

Example Login Screen

Example Login Screen

Example Success Login

Example Success Login

Add-on: Account Linking

If your game already has an existing account system, and you want to allow existing players to participate in Fractal tournaments. We encourage you to build an account linking flow


  • Add button to join Fractal Tournament
  • Add Button to link account with Fractal under account settings
  • Display some Fractal account info to make it obvious the account is linked

Example Homescreen


Example Player settings window


Server Integration

To ensure smooth running of your tournament, relevant leaderboard scores should be reported as often as possible. We recommend sending scores at the conclusion of a ranking event (for instance a PvP match ends, sending over win, loss, points gained, etc…) (opens in a new tab)


  • Send scores to Fractal on every score change
  • Displaying score for latest match
  • Displaying current leaderboard

Integration Checklist:

To make your integration smooth and easy to track, we have included a tracker you can use to check things off the list as you get ready for Fractal tournament.

Client Side:

Primary Flow:

  • Add Fractal Sign-in to game login screen


  • Add Fractal Sign-in to game account management
  • Add Fractal Sign-in to game home screen under button (participate in tournament)
  • Add button to participate in Fractal Tournament.


  • Send scores to Fractal on every score change
  • Displaying score for latest match
  • Display tournament leaderboard

We hope these guidelines help you integrate to a high standard to ensure a smooth Fractal tournament experience for your players.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.