Sample Projects

Sample Projects


To assist you in getting started with Fractal and Web3 game development, we are providing sample projects that demonstrate the platform's functionality.

Fractal Blog provides tutorials and "starter kits" for creating various types of games, such as platformers, first-person shooters, and RPGs. They come equipped with basic game mechanics already implemented and should inspire you on what you can do with Fractal API and Unity.

We release and update our kits gradually. Please note that each starter kit should serve only as educational material and is not a complete game title.

Fractal Developers Blog

Visit "Developers" section of Fractal Blog to read various articles about game development and to learn more about our Unity starter kits. Source codes for each example are readily available in demo repository (opens in a new tab) tutorials branch.

Have questions?

If you run into any bug or have a feature request, open up a new issue/request (opens in a new tab) in the SDK repository (Please follow the template). For support, contact us in #unity-sdk-eng in our Discord (opens in a new tab) server.